Plumis Automist

Finally, a practical alternative to domestic sprinklers

Automist® provides full room active fire protection. It is simple to install and operate and an alternative to a full sprinkler system. Importantly it can be easily retrofitted in most household situations.

Incidents of fire are continuing their general downward trend of the last 10 years, but there’s still no room for complacency.

  • 9% of all fires are reported between 8pm and 9pm

  • 11% of fires occurred between 12.00am and 5am, but caused one fifth of all deaths

  • Over two thirds of fire-related deaths occurred in accidental dwelling fires and more than half of the victims were aged 65 years or older

  • The risk of dying in a fire for people aged 80 and over is more than four times higher than average. People aged between 65 and 79 also have a higher than average rate.

  • Dwellings with no smoke alarm accounted for 38% of deaths in home fires in Great Britain, and nearly one fifth of deaths occurred where no smoke alarm worked.

Automist® protects you and your home from the risks of fire however it starts; an electrical problem, a discarded cigarette or a kitchen fire, can all have the same devastating result.

As an architect wanting to design homes benefitting from open plan living, you can safeguard your clients with Automist® (LABC Registered detail for loft conversions – EW171).

As a responsible landlord, Automist® proves the interests of your tenants are at the forefront of your thinking, with fire a constant threat particularly in houses in multiple occupancy (HMO).

Automist® is an innovative fire protection solution that not only warns of fire, but tackles it.

Automist® offers numerous benefits in the home, including:

  • Offer peace of mind

    Automist will automatically suppress uncontrolled fires.

  • Enhance architectural design with more open plan space

    Automist helps enhance architectural design, reducing the use of passive fire protection, like enclosing staircases and lobby areas or fitting fire rated doors.

  • Address specific fire risks

    Automist can be fitted to combat risk likely ignition sources; kitchens, garages, workshops and mobility scooter charging bays.

  • Help to prevent arson

    Automist will help protect property and valuable assets, whilst safeguarding the lives of occupants.

How Automist® works

If a fire occurs, a heat alarm or fire panel output will automatically activate the system to discharge. We recommend the use of heat detection sensors for kitchens as recommended in Approved Document B, which will help eliminate nuisance activation.

The controlled discharge means that pressing a button on the Automist® control panel can stop the discharge, once the fire is out, unlike traditional sprinkler systems. This ability to stop the discharge, combined with the reduced water usage of Automist®, ensures the resultant water damage, often worse than that from the fire, is significantly reduced.
If required, the system also allows occupants to manually trigger the system, via a manual call point.

When activated, a pump drives water from the mains through the unique nozzle unit that turns the water into a dense mist that quickly fills the entire room. This dense mist quickly removes heat from the fire and displaces oxygen from the seat of the zone, controlling, suppressing and ultimately extinguishing the fire.

The innovative system has been designed to quickly lower the temperature, lessen the radiative heat and reduce the oxygen available to the fire. This reduction in oxygen concentration makes it increasingly difficult for combustion to be maintained, which reduces the likely damage, whilst ensuring the conditions become more survivable for any people present.

We all know that adding water to a chip pan oil fire often has dire consequences, with a damp tea towel placed over the pan the method recommended in the past. Automist® tackles these fires effectively, without the risk of excessive water adding to the problem, as the up-draught from the flame evaporates the tiny water droplets contained within the dense mist. This prevents water from reaching and collecting in the pan, but still reduces the heat and denies the flame the oxygen it needs.

Automist® is widely used both as a fire safety add-on and as a trade-off, and is incorporated
into the fire strategy of developments large and small.

Automist® Installation

1. Fixed System

The standard Automist® installation will require a dedicated mains circuit in FP200 cable. It will naturally require a mains water supply with 1-10 bar pressure and a flow of at least 6 litres per minute. The system can be installed easily, quickly and unobtrusively in a number of configurations, to comply with building regulations:

Automist® Tap-mounted spray head – Installed under a kitchen monobloc tap
Automist® surface mounted spray head – Installed on a work surface in a sluice room
Automist® wall mounted spray head – Installed on a lobby stairwell

Automist® Tap-mounted spray head

Installed under a kitchen monobloc tap

Automist® surface mounted spray head

Installed on a work surface in a sluice room

Automist® wall mounted spray head

Installed on a lobby stairwell

2. Personal Protection Service

Innovation with Automist® doesn’t stop with increased protection for the home. Automist® PPS is a portable version of the system that combines an integrated water tank with a battery back-up system. The Automist® PPS provides the same dense water mist as the installed Automist® system, but designed to be more for personal protection rather than property or assets.

Again it is easy to install, move or remove and unlike the Automist® system, does not require a dedicated power or water supply. Automist PPS has been designed to help manage the risk fire poses for vulnerable individuals, less capable of tackling a fire or removing themselves from its vicinity.

The advantages of the Automist® PPS system include:

– Fits behind a radiator cover (1190mm (w) x 865mm (h) x 150mm (d))
– Easy to install and maintain
– Customisable detection
– Integrated GSM autodialler
– Key switch on / off button
– At least 12 mins of active suppression (expandable by modular design)
– Customisable water mist spray pattern
– Battery backup

Automist® PPS offers peace of mind to those caring for the elderly and infirm, or relatives at home, where fire remains the biggest threat to life.

To reduce any risk of causing upset to the individual or visitors, the system has been designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, without effecting operational efficiency. Once installed it will be easily forgotten, but the peace of mind it provides will always be remembered.

2. Smartscan®

We believe that we’re taking the next step in fire safety. We allow home design to be as beautiful as possible, while delivering a solution which meets industry fire performance standards.

Click here to learn more about the upcoming innovation in fire protection from Plumis called Automist® Smartscan®.