RiskBase is more than just software – it is an intelligent web and tablet based property risk management system, with primary modules designed for managing fire and asbestos risks. RiskBase allows organisations to focus on managing data effectively for vital risk reporting and response.

What benefits will RiskBase deliver to your organisation?

The core benefits of Risk Base are:

  • Improved visibility of compliance
  • Reduced administration
  • Lower cost of compliance

The key features of RiskBase include:

Management: Instant, transparent and consistent graphical or data-based reports

  • Clear, customisable reporting for all types of user
  • Graphical dashboards & static PDFs
  • Performance – ‘then vs. now’ (KPIs & management reports)
  • Where are we going wrong (exception management)
  • Drill down to a type / risk / team / user perspective
  • Audit trails

Operational: Reduced administration and higher quality / level of compliance

  • Single point of management
  • Simplified / distributed workload
  • Automatic updating of documentation (no more spreadsheets)
  • Multi-disciplinary (fire, water, electrical, gas)
  • Task (remedial action) progress and processing
  • Multi-user access (eg, contractors, teams, staff) & hierarchy

Planning: Financial forecasting and planned / routine works management

  • Reduce most risk per £ spent
  • Integrate (or at least have import/export) with existing software
  • National Schedule of Rates (NSR)
  • Produce planned / project based works orders from FRAs
  • Seamless integration back in to compliance

We offer RiskBase as standard on all corporate contracts.

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